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Senior Moves

When seniors move it is usually a significant lifestyle change. It doesn’t have to be something to dread.


We have transitioned many seniors to smaller homes, retirement communities and assisted living apartments. We’ve even helped seniors “move” into the most accessible floor of their existing home so that they can stay at home as long as desired and possible.

We are a NASMM company and here's what that means:

  • Supported by the NASMM Ethics Compliance Commission which guides our conduct; If you have a question about us or our services you have a number to call and a professional with whom to speak.

  • We are vetted for experience prior to the referral.

  • We are fully licensed and insured.

  • We have passed strict courses in Ethics, Safety, Liability & Risk. We understand the moving industry.

  • We are part of a professional, global community of over 1,000 Senior Move Management organizations.

  • Our team has a passion for what we do; we have years of experience moving hundreds of individuals; and we are motivated to provide our clients with a positive experience in what can be a stressful situation.


Our Senior Move Managers provide hands on support at every step in the process, from space planning in the beginning, to post-move home setup. We help address all aspects of the move and then customize to your wishes. 

  • Do you need help with arranging for donations or moving for consignment?​

  • Do you need help deciding what furniture works best in the new space? 


Moving—and especially senior moving—is so much more than a couple of big guys with a moving truck. As experienced move managers and professional organizers with sensitivity to the situation, we provide expert, compassionate and objective guidance to help older adults and their families
make key decisions without the emotional and physical distress that
can sometimes follow.  And it’s always such a pleasure at the end of a move to see our clients better able to enjoy life. It’s what keeps us going.

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