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Moving FAQs

Here are commonly asked questions with answers. Have other questions? Click below:

What is your process and what should I expect?

Step 1: Free Consultation. How can a moving company give you a quote without ever seeing your home? To provide you with an accurate quote, we will visit your home and go over all your items and give you advice to begin preparing.

Step 2: Quote. We will take all the information from your consultation and create a Good Faith Estimate. This is our quote on what we believe the cost of your move will be. After the job, you are invoiced based on actual and true time.

Step 3: Confirmation. Once you accept your quote, we will schedule your move in our calendar on your selected day. Up to your move, we will be handling any and all logistics to ensure your move is seamless.

Step 4: Packing. Our professional packers will begin to pack your home before the movers arrive. They will carefully wrap and box your items and will write on each box what its contents are and where it belongs.

Step 5: Move. Our friendly moving team will arrive in our moving trucks and begin loading the truck. Once the truck is loaded, they will drive to your new residence and unload your belongings to your liking.

Step 6: New Home Setup / Unpacking. After the move is over, our packers will return to unbox all your items and organize them into your home. You never have to touch anything!

Step 7: Our teams will wave goodbye to let you enjoy your new residence!

What services do you offer?

Home and Office Transitions offers: 1. Full service residential and commercial moving.  2. Professional packing / unpacking / organizing / and new home set up.  3. Storage. 4. Designer Services. 5. Fabric Protection.

Do you supply moving supplies?

Yes! During our free in-home consultation, we will determine how many boxes our packing will require. We will deliver these to your home when we begin packing. Our moving team will bring all moving supplies as well as home protection supplies.

Will you come to my home before the move?

Yes! We provide free in-home consultations for every job. These allow for you to meet our staff, set expectations, let us offer initial guidance, and estimate what materials will be needed and how long we expect the job to take

Can you do senior moves?

Senior relocation is another of our specialties. Whether moving into Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or others - we are NASMM (National Association of Senior and Speciality Move Managers) accredited and can provide gentle, understanding, and efficient packing and moving.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured to the highest standard. Many high rises or complexes require a high level of insurance - We have it!

Do you offer storage?

Yes! We have 20,000sq.ft. of onsite storage that is monitored by personnel and cameras. We can also load / unload your own personal self-storage / pods / containers. 

Can you transport cars?

Yes! We often facilitate the transportation of cars for long distance moves.

What can you not pack or move?

We do not pack or move the following: 1. Firearms / Ammunition. 2. Live plants. 3. Cash.

4. High Value Items. 5. Flammable / Explosive Materials. 6. Perishable Items. 7. Illegal Items. 

Can you move me out of state?

Yes! We have both our intrastate DOT and our MC. Moving companies are required by law are required to have these to cross state borders. Unfortunately, some unregulated moving companies ignore these laws and operate illegally.

Can you facilitate junk removal and/or donations?

Yes! We do junk removals and partner with several donation companies. We can also work directly with a company of your choice.

What do we do with our pets?

As much as we love animals, please have them out of the way for the duration of your move. Having pets loose can create a dangerous environment for them and for our team as we move things around.

Are you a moving company broker?

Absolutely not! Moving company brokers collect payment and outsource the labor. Rest assured, we do all moving and packing. The only time we refer to our trusted 3rd parties is for specialty cases (mounting art, crating fragile items, moving very expensive pianos, items hooked into plumbing or electrical, etc.). Don't worry - we handle all the 3rd party logistics.

How can I know if a moving company is legit?

Take these into factor: 1. Are their licenses and regulations compliant and still active?

2. How are their reviews?  3. Is their insurance compatible and have proper coverage?  4. Are they members of any professional associations?  5. Are they operating through an actual business or doing side moving jobs?

How long have you been in business?

We have been moving and packing for over 20 years!

Can we pack ourselves and just use your moving services?

Yes! We can supply the boxes that you need. Note - we always label each box of its contents and where it needs to go and we recommend you do as well! Another idea, the heavy items should go in the smallest box as boxes can get very heavy very quick! PBO (packed by owner) boxes are not insured. 

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