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What Makes HOT Different? And How Does That Benefit You?

We know that a successful move is about more than strong men and a truck.  It is about understanding your needs, outlining a plan to meet those needs, and guiding and resourcing each step along the way.  


Home and Office Transitions is first and foremost a move management company. A good move is all about a good plan.   We provide experience and best practices to guide, counsel, resource, schedule, coordinate and oversee everything needed for a well thought out, successful, and stress-free home transition.  One of our project managers is on site at all times to guide, oversee and supervise.  He/She serves as a part of the service team and also ensures that we are fulfilling your needs and maintaining communications with you at every step
along the way.  


Additionally, as professional organizers and
project managers we provide particular skills to prepare clients for a move and to get them fully set up after the move.  The end of a move for us is not just an empty truck!  


We also are a full service moving company, providing packing, moving, unpacking and storage services.  We are not your typical moving company. We provide a level of customer service and project management not typical in the industry.  

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